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  • Higgins & Burke - Bergamia Grey

Higgins & Burke - Bergamia Grey

When there are emails to type and meetings to attend, sometimes you need a little pick me up – ok a lot. Bergamia Grey has hand plucked black and green loose leaf teas folded with citrus, rose and Bergamot. It’s sweet and savoury – it’s just what you need to stay smiling.?

EcoCup™ Recyclable Capsule
RECYCLE with the new EcoCup™ Capsule in 3 EASY STEPS
Step 1: Allow capsule to cool after brewing
Step 2: Snap tab on lid, peel away filter and discard
Step 3: Recycle the plastic capsule** where #6 plastics are accepted

Higgins & Burke EcoCup™ Loose Leaf Teas are blended from hand-picked, high-grown tea leaves to deliver premium quality, rich antioxidant content and bold flavours.

RealCup™ products and Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee and Higgins & Burke Tea® are not affiliated with K-Cup® or Keurig Inc. K-Cup® and Keurig® are registered trademarks of Keurig Inc

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