Environmental Stewardship


Social Responsibility

SingleCup.ca™ believes that the social and environmental responsibilities of coffee growers around the world are very important to ensure quality. This is why we are partners with companies that contribute positively to our communities and environment, partners that work with suppliers and farmers to help create a sustainable approach to high-quality coffee production. We help build stronger local communities, minimize our environmental footprint with biodegradable products and the waste to energy programs. We are responsive to our customers' social, health and wellness concerns.

We Recycle - You Can Too

Calgary, Edmonton and most other major cities in Canada and America now offer socially responsible curbside recycling for plastics. This process adheres to most major urban area recycling programs. The plastic used in the T-Disks, capsules and/or Pods is very similar to Yogurt containers or Sour Cream.

To ensure you are doing your utmost to recycle your T-Disks, capsules and/or Pods follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove Foil Lid.

Step 2: Remove Coffee Ground’s and Paper Filter. Remember that coffee grounds are a natural accelerant for composts (see below).

Step 3: Rinse Plastic T-Disk, capsule and/or Pod and Recycle!

Composting Coffee

Want to do more?

Coffee composts in a speedy and efficient manner. You can sprinkle used grounds around plants before watering to let the coffee grounds give a slow release of nitrogen. You can mix used coffee grounds into soil of houseplants or new vegetable beds to change the alkali balance of the soil and give the new plants the advantage that the nitrogen supplies. Adding coffee grounds to your plants, combined with water left over from cooking your vegetables can be like giving your plants a healthy vitamin dose!


Compostable Coffee

Compostable Coffee Pods

SingleCup proudly offers a compostable product line called PurPod100™. These compostable pods are compatible with the Keurig® 1.0 and 2.0 brewing systems, allowing you to enjoy your favourite coffee, tea and hot beverages without creating additional waste destined for landfills.


Outlet Locations

With the widest selection of single cup coffee, tea and blended beverage pods, syrups and more, the SingleCup outlet stores let you discover new flavors and favourites! Test new blends with single pod purchases or restock your supply and buy a boxful of your tried-and-true brew today.

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