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3 of Our Favourite Coffee Accessories - - Online Coffee Order - Featured Image

The world of coffee is so diverse and flavourful and there are so many unique ways to enjoy a cup of coffee! It’s no wonder that there are so many terrific coffee making accessories on the market to make concocting the perfect brew a truly enjoyable experience.

5 Singlecup Christmas Ideas! - - Online Coffee Ordering - Featured Image

It always seems as though the months start speeding by come September and after Halloween, it’s practically Christmas! This year, Christmas will look very different and we’ll have to adjust our traditions, but one tradition we can still count on is gift giving!

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Are K-Cups Recyclable? - - Online Coffee Ordering - Featured Image

A question we hear quite often is “are our single cups or K-Cups recyclable?” We’re here to tell you loud and proud that yes they are! Singlecup is committed to reducing our environmental impact and increasing sustainability of the coffee market and we only partner with growers and organizations that also have this goal in mind.

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