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We are so excited to add to our delicious DaVinci syrups and sauces collection with the new Jordan Skinny Syrups line, made with the keto lifestyle in mind! Turn your teas, soda and cocktails into a delectable treat that won’t overload your system with a ton of sugar. If you’re looking for your new favourite keto-friendly, gluten-free, kosher and sugar-free syrup flavour, we’ve got a few of Jordan’s Skinny Syrups to share with you!

The delicious cup of coffee you enjoy every morning can actually work twice as hard for you if you let it. We’re not talking about brewing another weaker cup from the grounds, but we are talking about upcycling your used grounds for other projects! Here are six creative ways you can recycle your coffee grounds into new uses!

Nothing gets you more in the holiday spirit like a delicious festive cocktail! What makes it even more special is being able to share it. Get your holiday guests talking about your delightful cocktails with this list of party favourites!

We all have that someone on our list that absolutely loves a good cup of coffee. That one friend that’s always asking to “meet up for coffee” and never “drinks.” Maybe it’s your spouse, who perks right up after their morning cup. Perhaps it’s you and you just don’t feel yourself until you’ve had that first delicious sip! For that special caffeine fiend in your life, we’ve got a few holiday ideas to spice up the gift-giving this holiday season!

The weather is cooler, we’re pulling out our winter necessities and turning to hot beverages to keep our hands warm. The classic Pumpkin Spice Latte is back and with it the other delicious tastes of early winter, including hot apple cider and of course, hot chocolate. The perfect thing about owning a Keurig is you can brew yourself one cup of hot chocolate at the touch of a button, but we want to share with you a few ways you can enhance your Keurig hot chocolate to make it a little more special!

We’ve been so excited to share the versatility of DaVinci Syrups and Sauces that can turn a cold or a hot drink into a delicious experience. Well, we’re back again to tell you about how you can use DaVinci Syrups and Sauces to enhance your desserts into decadence! Here’s a few ideas for how to bring your dessert game to the next level!

If you’re like us and have a bit of a coffee addiction, particularly to espresso beverages, investing in an espresso machine for your home might be up for consideration. There are plenty of great at-home espresso machines on the market, but we’re here to tell you why the Jura E8 Piano Brewer is worth the investment.

Who doesn’t love a good pumpkin spice latte when the weather starts to change? As soon as those leaves go yellow, do you crave the taste of cinnamon and apple too? If you love fall beverages as much as we do, we’ve got a few that you have to put on your “must try” list for this cozy sweater season!

We all know the convenience of a quick cup of coffee from a Keurig, whether you’re brewing at home or back at the office. With the wide variety of flavours available, it’s easy to see why it’s become such a staple for many coffee drinkers who want an easier, one-cup solution. But what about when it comes to cleaning the machine? Here’s what you need to know! 

There isn’t a “right way” to enjoy your coffee as you may have learned from coffee dates with friends who each have their own way of savouring a cup of Joe. But if you’re interested in other tried and true methods of preparing your coffee, may we offer a few of our favourites?

As we start to host our friends and have outdoor BBQs, get-togethers and parties, providing a delicious selection of cocktails might just make you the talk of the town. If you love to whip up drinks for yourself and your friends, here are a few fantastic recipes we love that include our favourite fruity flavours of DaVinci Syrups!

Being able to customize your morning coffee or espresso just the way you like it is something we at feel is necessary to go from a cup of coffee to a coffee experience. That’s why we carry the delicious flavours of DaVinci Syrups and Sauces! DaVinci Syrup flavours are so versatile, they can spice up more than just your coffee. Have you tried adding DaVinci flavours to iced beverages you can make easily at home? Here are a few of our personal favourite recipes for you to try at your next dinner party!

Whether you’re looking for your next favourite coffee brand or a new exciting flavour to add to your beverage experience, has something that will spice up your normal routine! If you’re not sure what to try next, here are a few of our top sellers that will add just the right amount of pizzaz to your coffee break!

There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee to start off your day and the convenience of an at-home brewing system, either for the office or at home, means you can make your coffee exactly the way you like it, when you like it. Keurig, Jura and other big-name brewing machine manufacturers have brought convenience to a new level, but a real treat is to grind your own fresh roasted coffee beans to make the experience even more deliciously exhilarating. Did you know we have a delicious selection of freshly roasted coffee beans?

When folks think about making a cup of tea, usually that entails boiling some water and throwing a tea bag in with it. But what if we told you there’s so much more to the world of tea than simply hot water and grabbing a tea bag from the box?

3 of Our Favourite Coffee Accessories - - Online Coffee Order - Featured Image

The world of coffee is so diverse and flavourful and there are so many unique ways to enjoy a cup of coffee! It’s no wonder that there are so many terrific coffee making accessories on the market to make concocting the perfect brew a truly enjoyable experience.

5 Singlecup Christmas Ideas! - - Online Coffee Ordering - Featured Image

It always seems as though the months start speeding by come September and after Halloween, it’s practically Christmas! This year, Christmas will look very different and we’ll have to adjust our traditions, but one tradition we can still count on is gift giving!

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Are K-Cups Recyclable? - - Online Coffee Ordering - Featured Image

A question we hear quite often is “are our single cups or K-Cups recyclable?” We’re here to tell you loud and proud that yes they are! Singlecup is committed to reducing our environmental impact and increasing sustainability of the coffee market and we only partner with growers and organizations that also have this goal in mind.

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